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Canine Tooth Resorption

Tooth Resorption lesions can be either internal, external or both. Clinically, they may present as very painful areas of granulation tissue extending onto the crown surface of the tooth. Often they are not detected until the oral cavity is examined carefully under general anesthesia. Clinicians may be suspicious of tooth resorption when there is a pink tinge to the crown, or gingiva appears to cover some of the crown. Sometimes, the crown is loose and may break off. Often the resorption can be detected only with dental X-rays. Dental X-rays are very important in both diagnosing and treating tooth resorption. The classic destruction of crown and root may be visible as an irregular pulp chamber or canal. There may be root destruction with fusion to the surrounding bone. Tooth resorption is painful and is treated with tooth extraction. If you suspect that your dog has tooth resorption, please contact our office to schedule an appointment with one of our doctors.

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